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15.95 TTC

This product is a seal of lamb, a premium cut of meat from the shoulder of lamb.

Quantity Price
1 15.95
2 - 3 14.95
4+ 14.00
* Les prix sont par kg

La Scelle d’Agneau is a superior quality product that offers a rich and savory flavour. It is made from top quality lamb, carefully selected and sourced from our farms. The meat is then meticulously selected and prepared by hand to guarantee a rich and authentic flavor. Seal is also rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy and nutritious food. Lamb loin is a versatile product that can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, soups, salads and main dishes. It is also perfect for quick and easy to prepare meals. Slice of lamb is a premium product that delivers a rich, savory flavor.